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We are committed to delivering exceptional service, reliability and value to our clients. Our dedicated team of logistics experts works closely with you to understand your business goals and develop customised solutions that align with your objectives.


Our transportation solutions cover a wide range of options, including road, rail, air and sea. With a vast network of carriers and modern tracking systems, we ensure timely and secure delivery of your goods across the UK and beyond.

Warehousing and distribution

Our warehousing facilities are equipped to handle diverse storage needs. From short-term storage to long-term inventory management, our flexible solutions streamline your operations and optimise inventory control. Coupled with our efficient distribution services, we ensure your products reach their destinations quickly and cost-effectively.

Order fulfillment

We take pride in our efficient order fulfilment services, ensuring accurate and timely processing of your orders. Our advanced systems and meticulous processes guarantee seamless order management, from order capture to packaging and shipping, enabling you to meet customer demands with confidence.

VMC Haulage’s fleet is expanding to meet client needs, enhancing capabilities and ensuring reliable logistics solutions. The investment in the fleet demonstrates their commitment to excellent service.

Contact us today to discuss your logistics needs and discover how VMC Haulage can support your business growth.

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